Mar 20, 2023 | Team

Today, we would like to give a warm welcome to Saria Tourbah to the RecruitMnt66 Team.
Saria will be collaborating with us as a Sales Representative.

Born in Beirut (Lebanon) and currently living in Barcelona (Spain), Saria has been a business professional for over 7 years now working across various creative industries. She has managed projects for different brands with a focus on business development and innovation, produced successful events and always kept an eye out for new trends. She is also an avid philanthropist which has paved the way for her to co-found the Saja Foundation, an organization bringing art classes to vulnerable groups of children in and out of hospitals.

As the RecruitMnt66’s Sales Representative, she will be identifying our clients’ needs, pitching our services and ensuring a positive experience for them as well as our contractors.

Do not hesitate to contact her for any need you may have in any of our services here:

Saria Tourbah

Edifici Àtic Barcelona, C/Diputació 211
08011 Barcelona (Spain)