Apr 20, 2022 | Corporate

Collaboration is key to how we work at RecruitMnt66.

As Recruitmnt66 is formed by experienced engineers, we understand the various pain points that companies might face during their recruitment process.

As Engineer’s professionals, we want to bring what we learned from our experiences to other professionals so that we can:

  • Inspire and foster vision in others
  • Strengthen professional ties and deepen our knowledge
  • And to connect and solve problems together

Open communication and skill sharing with other professionals is what allows us to achieve common goals with both our candidates and clients.

We work closely with our clients to realize and anticipate their every need to provide them with the best solutions by assisting them, as well as our selected candidates, throughout every required step.

In summary, our mission is to provide our clients with the most suited candidates according to their needs.

But our work does not end there:

  1. We also assist our clients with Special Tools Leasing.
  2. We assist our clients with Part145MRO and/or hangarage search for their aircraft.
  3. We give access to apprenticeship programs/provide undergraduate apprentices.
  4. And we provide advice to both our clients and candidates at every step of the way.

You will always have our support!

Because we are More Than a Recruitment Company.

Do not hesitate to reach us for any need you may have in any of these services here:

Edifici Àtic Barcelona, C/Diputació 211
08011 Barcelona (Spain)